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You really have to admire some one of any age who has the will power and desire to want to stop smoking marijuana. Cause let's face it, if you love smoking the hootch, you know how hard it can be to stop, no matter how hard you try.

Let's take a look at this young kid in the video above who has managed to stop smoking the weed in 30 days total! As you watch you can clearly see the side affects smoking cannabis can have on the young brain.

Fogginess, being absent minded, not being socially motivated are just some of the side effects to name a few. And being of a young age you don't want some thing like marijuana hindering your personal growth and especially the development of the brain in a young teenager

Smoking marijuana at a young age and continuing on... every day into your adulthood... Will definitely slow down the cognitive thinking and development of the way your brain should be. It really is common sense to know just by experiencing the sensations when marijuana takes affect, feelings of sluggishness and demotivating attributes becomes  one's characteristics and unfortunately the norm.

If you are a young marijuana smoker and are strongly considering to quit, well do it! Cause the outcome will be nothing but positive. You will grow to be so much more confident within yourself and better goal orientated (that's if you have goals?!), and this is where the problem rears it's ugly head... Why do we cater to addiction to begin with?

Why Are We Addicted?

I know when i was catering to my addicted lifestyle it was because i was bored and generally when we are bored it's because we don't have the imagination to think of anything else better to do. So it's a matter of changing one's mindset, deliberately, to undo all them habitual patterns that have been created and to start making a conscious choice to get the best from oneself. Where is your greatness? What are you good at? What? You don't know?!

Having a strict upbringing or dealing with parental indifference, especially when it leads to domestic abuse or any other form of abuse can be a hard situation to deal with. this in it's self is generally the lead up to any addiction and that is escapism

We escape from our daily routine of boredom, escape from the pain of abuse that we endured and what better way then smoking weed to block it all away...

As an adult, if you are still indulging in smoking the weed and are trying to quit, you understand how difficult it can be and when you look back in hindsight you would have probably never took it up when you where a young teenager..


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